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Junior or Senior Sport Gum Shield Mouthguard, Game Guard

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Product Description

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Each gum shield comes with a case and instructions for use.

When taking part in contact sports, wearing a gum shield can help protect against injury to the mouth and jaw. Different sports involve different levels of risk and potential injury therefore it is essential to select a gum shield that will offer you protection, fit comfortably and will stay in place. However it is important to remember that no gum shield will completely eliminate the risk of injury, but this risk is significantly reduced from not wearing one at all.

The Game Guard range has been tested in accordance with BSI DD 253:2001 and is CE compliant; a copy of our certificate is available on request or can be viewed by clicking on the quality link. This has been awarded by SATRA Technology Centre Ltd, Notified body No. 0321. Therefore the range meets the standard for size, fit, retention, level 2 for transmitted force (impact testing) and quality.


Sizes Available:

  • Junior (Age 4 to 11 Years)
  • Adult (Age 11 to 99 Years)

Colours Available:

  • White
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Red
  • Pink Sparkle
  • Black
  • Baby Pink
  • Baby Blue
  • Clear
  • Green 
  • Green Sparkle
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Yellow

Flavours Available:

  • Blackcurrant Flavour
  • Spearmint Flavour
  • Strawberry Flavour


How to Form your Adult or Junior Game Guard Gum shield:

Warning: Boiling water, minors must be supervised at all times.

  • Fill a suitable container with boiling water and allow to cool for 30 seconds
  • Place the gum shield in the water for 40 seconds. Do not exceed this time. Remove with a suitable utensil
  • The gum shield should look and feel soft and pliable. If not replace the gum shield in the water for a further 10 seconds. Please note: if the water has cooled too much then the gum shield will not get soft enough to mould, if you are not having any success start again with freshly boiled water.
  • Before moulding allow the gum shield to cool to a suitable level. Carefully place the gum shield around the upper teeth, bite down firmly, while sucking in strongly, and use your fingers to press the edges of the gum shield into your teeth and gums. Continue this process for 30 seconds.
  • Remove the gum shield and cool under a running cold tap for 1 minute. The gum shield must be cold before replacing in the mouth.
  • Replace the gum shield into the mouth and test for fit and retention. The gum shield should not fall out of its own accord, and should feel comfortable; if this is not the case then the above steps can be repeated.
  • If after repeating the moulding process discomfort is still experienced, do not use

Important Warnings:

  • Do not chew your gum shield
  • Do not wear your gum shield if it is showing signs of wear, cracks or splits, if this is the case please dispose of your gum shield and replace with a new one
  • Do not allow any person other than the named user to use the gum shield.
  • Do not expose your gum shield to extreme heat or direct sunlight, always store in the box when not in use
  • Parents, please check the fit of your child's gum shield regularly to ensure that it is not conflicting with the development of the mouth and teeth.
  • If you have a brace or other device fitted to your teeth it is advised to consult your dental surgeon or orthodontist as to the suitability of the gum shield. Never wear a gum shield with a brace unless it has been approved by the person fitting the brace.

Storage of your Gumshield:

  • Always clean your gum shield with cold water following use. Do not use mouthwashes, toothpaste or other detergents
  • Clean the gum shield box with warm water. Always ensure that you gum shield is dry before storing in the box
  • Always keep your gum shield in its box when not in use
  • Inscribe the user's name indelibly on the gum shield box

In the event that you need to return the gum shield, please ensure that it is returned in its original packaging, together will all documentation. Each gum shield box is marked with the manufacturer's batch number to aid tractability.

The gum shields have been tested in accordance with BSI DD 253:2001 and are fully CE compliant; a copy of our certificate is available on each product's page.


More information:

  • This mouth guard can be used for Children and Adults. All you need to do it boil it and its ready to use. Comes with free postage any where in the United Kingdom. We also sell different ranges for mouth guards, from Ayra, Opro and Shock Doctor.

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Gum Shield

    Posted by Brendan Allan on 9th Sep 2021

    Perfect. Quick and easy to purchase. Free delivery and arrived in under a week. Plus the gum shield was blackcurrent scented so the son doesn't whinge when he has to wear it for sport.

  • 5
    Gum Shield

    Posted by Brendan Allan on 9th Sep 2021

    Perfect. Quick and easy to purchase. Free delivery and arrived in under a week. Plus the gum shield was blackberry scented so the son doesn't whinge when he has to wear it for sport.

  • 5
    Gum guard

    Posted by Emma Cardell-bennett on 8th Sep 2021

    Smelt amazing my son said it is very comfortable

  • 5
    Junior Gum Shields

    Posted by Stephen Hunt on 20th Jul 2021

    Great product, excellent service. The kids loved them

  • 4
    Value for Money

    Posted by Tom on 29th Aug 2019

    I've played rugby for a number of years now and have never been able to get on with the more expensive gum shields due to their structure. This one is great for the price and much like the old one I used to have. However, the inner fins that rest on the roof of your mouth are too long in my opinion, though I haven't tried it I would advise trimming them down to a more suitable length before fitting the gum shield. All in all, well worth the money

  • 2
    Arrived too late to be used

    Posted by Martin Dutt on 14th May 2019

    Ordered a week in advance. Arrived on day it was needed

  • 4
    Good product for the price

    Posted by Sue H on 5th Dec 2013

    Took a couple of times to fit but does the job well. Quick delivery